Dachshund Befriends Paralyzed Cat, Serves As Protector

photo credit: ~Darin~ via photopin cc

Every once in a while a heart warming story makes the news, a story with a happy ending that takes your mind off the often depressing world news. In this case the story is about a smaller, dog, a dachshund named Idgie who came to the rescue of Ruth, a paralyzed cat. Who says cats and dogs can’t be friends?

The dachshund refused to leave the poor cat’s side after both were abandoned at the end of a Florida driveway. While the cat isn’t able to move very easily she has nothing to fear because her faithful friend Idgie is there for her. As a matter of fact, when rescue staff found them the 2 year old dachshund was so protective; he growled and barked at anyone who tried to approach.

Ms Borum, who runs Project Paws pet charity, was contacted by the Seminole County Animal Services regarding the plight of the animals who were named Ruth and Idgie after the film Fried Green Tomato’s main characters who also had a close bond. Ms Borum was so touched by their circumstances that she offered to provide them with a home at her Hollywood Houndz pet store.

Idgie still keeps a watchful eye on Ruth from their large play area in the store. Whenever she gets a new toy she takes it over to show the cat, curling up around her feline friend. Ms. Borum has said that she’s seen friendships between cats and dogs in the past but never like this. Idgie still barks at other dogs if they get to close to her paralyzed buddy Ruth; cats purr for many different reasons; Ruth, I’m guessing, purrs because she feels happy and safe with her very protective friend.

Besides the fact that Ruth the cat was paralyzed and could only move by pulling herself along with her front paws, both animals seemed to have been well cared for. It was actually strange that both animals were in overall good health, not malnourished or dirty, so it appeared they had previously been someone’s pets some point.

It’s Not Just Dog’s that Serve As Protectors

How about the story of Terfel, an 8 year old Labrador mix who was afraid to leave the safety of his bed after he lost his eyesight? When Terfel was diagnosed with cataracts, he began to stay in his bed, because he’d started bumping into things; that is until his owner, Judy Godfrey Brown, let a stray cat into her North Wales home that ended up lending him a helpful paw.

Amazingly the cat, who they named Pwditat, approached the Labrador mix and appeared to sense that the dog couldnít see. Using her paws, she coaxed Terfel out of his bed and guided him out into the garden. It was remarkable that the cat immediately appeared to know that the dog was blind, through some kind of sixth sense that some animals seem to have. Today Terfel and Pwditat are great friends. They love each other and even sleep together now; gotta love happy endings.