As the Divorce Rate Increases, so does the Need for Forensic Accountants

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Studies show 41% of first marriages end in divorce. When the divorce rate grows, the need for forensic accountants rises drastically. Divorce involves the division of assets and in some instances one spouse may try to deceive the other.

The Divorce

The end of a marriage legally will require a divorce. There is a variety of divorce types to select from and choosing the one that will create the least amount of stress is important.

It is ideal to rely on the services of an attorney to be advised about the right divorce and to end the marriage in the shortest amount of time.

Forensic Accountants and Divorce

Relying on forensic accountants when a divorce occurs is a fairly new concept. When either of the spouses tries to hide assets from the other martial party, a forensic accountant is used to help in finding these assets.

Listed below are things the forensic accountant will work to know:

  • The precise amount of money in any of the banking accounts prior to the divorce.
  • A list of all the investments and brokerage firms associated or owned by a couple before divorce.
  • All income of the couple that is obtaining a divorce including passive income and current wages being made.
  • Detailed personal information of the children in the marriage, ages and addresses if move outside of the home.
  • Any insurance settlements, claims or monetary compensation from an insurance company.

The forensic accountant is responsible for finding out about any assets that were part of the marriage. This will help the spouse that hires the accountant in uncovering any assets that are either party is trying to hide.

Finally, it is important to rely on the expertise of the forensic accounting specialist to avoid losing any money during the divorce. The end of a relationship can be difficult on both parties and it is common for either party to try and get more assets upon a legal dissolution.

Protect your assets during the time of divorce and work to protect what you have worked hard your entire life to earn. While several finance-related occupations may be helpful in a time of divorce, a forensic accountant could be the one you really need.


10 Uncommon Star Names You Won’t Forget

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photo credit: sebastien.barre via photopin cc

photo credit: sebastien.barre via photopin cc

Celebrities are known to stand out amongst the crowd for various reason, one being their names. Numerous celebrities have names, whether they are real or purely for the spotlight, that are memorable and that are hard to forget. Once you see them, it is hard to keep them out of your head or to forget them at all.

  • Gucci

Gucci Mane is a popular rapper who has been able to make quite the name for himself in the industry. While Radric Davis is his full birth name, he chooses to go on stage as Gucci Mane instead and has continued to use this for years.

  • Prince

Prince’s name is Prince. On top of this already unique name, he has changed his name to a sign once before. His name, and that change to a sign, has made him more well known than his music, which is hugely popular, of course.

  • Kesha

Kesha, which she spells as Ke$ha for the stage, has a unique birth name, as well. She has recently become quite popular because of that name as well as her music, and it is difficult to find someone who has not at least heard the name before.

  • TI

TI, the rapper who has had a lot of success in recent years, is known mostly by his stage name. While his real name is Clifford, he has been using this for his music for quite some time. Since using the name TI, the rapper has become quite well known.

  • Beyonce

Just the last two on this list, Beyonce was born as Beyonce. She is famous because of all that she has done and her music, of course, but her name allows her to stand out, which has led to her becoming a household name.

  • Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is everywhere recently. Most likely, you have heard his name in at least one song in very recent years. Part of the reason you remember that so well is because his name sticks with you. His real name may be Cameron, but it is Wiz Khalifa that we all know and love.

  • Madonna

Madonna continues the trend of unique birth names. It is hard to go anywhere without meeting someone who has not heard of her, mostly because her name is not something that you see or hear every day.

  • Eminem

Marshall Mathers is a name that you may have heard of once or twice, but he is better known as his stage name Eminem. He is very well known on film and in music, and partly because of the name.

  • Pink

Pink, whose birth name is Alecia, is known by her stage name and how she has embraced it. This is what has made her rise in popularity and become the musician that so many people adore.

  • Tyga

Tyga is not a name that you forget easily, either. Just like any other, it is memorable and it is part of why his music sticks with you. Whether you know him by his birth name, Michael, or his stage name, Tyga, he has likely stood out to you because of how unique that name is.


Is It A Good Idea To Add Mixed Breeds To The Westminster Dog Show?

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In Westminster‘s nearly 140-year history, they have never had any events with mixed breed dogs as purebred pedigree was the threshold all dogs had to pass. Well, as it turns out, old dog shows can learn new tricks. Starting in 2014, the Westminster leaders have decided to allow mixed-breeds in the sporting events.

For years, there has always been contention between pedigreed and mixed-breed animals. One route to maintaining pedigree is inbreeding dogs. This is seen as a way to fix certain traits in a breed. While inbreeding can occur naturally, the obvious problems come from having a limited genetic pool resulting in widespread disorders including loss of vigor, fertility problems, and increased health issues.

In purebred dogs, there are certain disorders that are common to purebred dogs. For example, large dog breeds like the Rhodesian ridgebacks tend to have neurological problems from dermoid sinus while Cavalier King Charles spaniels tend to suffer from a painful brain condition called syringomyelia. The health problems of purebred dogs will continue because eventually the gene pool will continue to shrink even if breeders try to avoid inbreeding.

Cross-breeding is seen as a sensible way out the dwindling gene pool because you strengthen the breed and toss out the purity parameter, which is could be seen as an abomination since pedigree is a valuable commodity. While it may result in less genetic disease, you never know just what kind of personality traits the dog will have, how big the dog will be or even what other diseases they may be prone to.

Cross-bred puppies also have higher delivery risks and may need to have a C-section. Then there’s the “designer dog” trend where breeds are genetically mated to produce dogs that don’t shed or have less dander while others are creating dogs that are popular for the moment and are sold for thousands of dollars.

At the end of the day, it’s a complicated issue that Westminster is deciding to finally acknowledge. There are a significant number of mixed breed dogs that have natural unique abilities that weren’t specifically bred into them by design; they were just born that way. Since Westminster is about celebrating all dogs, then adding mixed-breeds to the lineup should be seen as a natural extension of that purpose, even though it took over a century.


Do Teachers Deserve More Money As Schools Become More Dangerous?

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With shootings in public schools continuously being the headlines in the news, many people think that choosing to be a teacher is becoming an increasingly dangerous job to choose. In addition to having teachers are paid more money because of the risk that they take in becoming a teacher.

All of these factors are beginning to become more relevant in our society and within our school districts when hiring new teachers but has not become largely popular with funding.

In order to become a teacher you must complete a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and receive your teaching credentials from an accredited University. Others move onto more schooling and receive their Master’s or Doctoral degree so they can teach in higher education. With the growing cost of receiving a degree, most students graduate college with tens of thousands of dollars in debt and then expected to start paying it back within months.

This is a problem that is becoming more relevant, especially with teachers because of the average starting salary being so low, sitting around $39,000. This doesn’t include how much they actually get paid after taxes of course.

With the risk of becoming a teacher here in the United States becoming worse, the amount of teachers within the marketplace is becoming fewer. This is making it harder to find qualified teachers that are willing to be paid less than they are worth. In all reality teachers do deserve to make more money than they currently are. Our society has it flipped around with where money is being allocated.

While our teachers are educating the adults of our future and making very low salaries, we continue to pump more money into entertainment such as sports, music and movies.

In no means do they not deserve what they are making but the society needs to begin to shift their focus on our soldiers in the classroom that are creating the society of tomorrow and keeping our kids out of trouble. Eventually, if the risk of being a teacher continues to grow we will see a larger shortage of teachers; this could be changed with offering better salaries and safer environment.


Does The Media Affect Our View Of Language And Bilingual Education?

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Photo credit here.

Photo credit here.

In 2013, US brands spent about $4.1 billion on social media marketing alone.  While this number doesn’t look as big as it used to with the US being $17 trillion in debt, it’s still a staggering amount of money spent on what comprises a minority of advertising budgets for large companies. In fact, according to another source, companies spend about 9.4% of their marketing budgets on social media advertising. Knowing those two things, and with some simple math, we can extrapolate a total media spend of somewhere around $43.6 billion dollars.

How Does This Affect Languages?

Almost every area of our lives is touched by some form of media. From Google Adsense ads to intrusive commercials in the middle of our favorite programs, we can’t hardly help but notice what the large brands are doing. A simple article on Venezuelan food turns out to be a marketing platform for some unknown company that may or may not have anything to do with food and most certainly has nothing to do with Venezuela.

It’s not only what is said in the advertising, but how it is said. Certain groups of people, inevitably ones that speak other languages, are portrayed in a certain way across many different mediums. Mexicans, for example, are generally shown to be poor and desperate; the products of a third world country. These types of stereotypes are either knowingly or unknowingly perpetuated by the media.

That being said, those who speak Spanish, associated with Mexicans, are sometimes unfairly thought of as lower-class citizens. These feelings inevitably stop people from wanting to learn those languages or be a part of those cultures. Cultural perception is actually one of the biggest detractors of teaching kids certain languages.

Other stereotypes, like those of Arabic speaking people or people of Middle Eastern decent, are even more harmful.

What Can Be Done?

While a journalist’s job is to “keep the public informed about current news and events,” they inevitably put their own bias and spin on their stories. I’m sure if you asked any of the 403 universities with journalism programs in the United States whether or not they are teaching their journalists to perpetuate stereotypes, they would decline emphatically. Syracuse University actually has a class entitled, “Critical Perspective On News” with a state goal, in part, to:

“Evaluation of media performance, ethics, and practices, focusing on how well they serve society”


Even with literally billions of dollars per year helping to keep the status quo in check, all is not lost. We can continue to help spread the good word of diversity, equality, and worth for all people regardless of their current standing or the way they are portrayed to the masses.


Are Paralegal Jobs Really Disappearing, The Machines Are Taking Over

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There is little question that it’s getting easier to become certified as a paralegal, but the demand for this particular job which once appeared so promising just a couple of years ago now may be all a mirage. Given the new demands on the legal system and recent recommendations by the American Bar Association, it had appeared that paralegals would enjoy a substantial rise in terms of employment expectations. But a new factor has appeared which may change all that forever.

Why Paralegal Jobs are Disappearing

In 2011, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted a growth rate of 18% through 2020, but according to a recent article in the Associated Press, much of that work is now being performed by technology. This is because new software systems are now doing much of the work that paralegals used to do. According to the Estrin Report, a blog that has offered advice and suggestions for what paralegals should do.

Today, it is recommended that those entering the field as paralegals become technically savvy and specialize in keeping  up with computer and software trends. The more a paralegal can stay ahead of the latest trends in technology, the more they can help secure their future.

There is little doubt that new software systems will continue to take over more of the duties that paralegals once held.

The Future of Paralegals

While paralegals might not quite be going the way of the dinosaur, they may find their job prospects significantly diminished in terms of the breadth of areas in which they were once employed. Law firms remain the biggest hiring agencies of paralegals, but the combination of sluggish economic times and new technology has led to more attorneys doing the work themselves and saving money on paying paralegal salaries.

However, corporations may be a bigger source for paralegals to become employed since many of these larger companies are dumping their lawyers and hiring more paralegals to do the research necessary to have them following the law. Here, paralegals may enjoy having more opportunities in these areas.

The Advancement of Technology

Much as the auto industry adapted to robot to assemble automobiles, so are law firms adapting to new advances in software to save them time, effort and energy in performing tasks that were once the domain of paralegals.

Today, with all the paralegals getting certified online, only the exceptional ones who have embraced the advancement of technology will survive in the long run. Paralegal certification NYC and other places have truly expanded the means by which virtually anyone can gain this type of employment. But to stay relevant, paralegals must not only embrace new software systems, but also be willing to change jobs and find the one that will remain relevant the longest.

Litigation Support

One field that will have a desperate need for paralegals is litigation support, an area where familiarity with the law, the ability to research and the use of the latest technology will be needed. Currently a shortage of professionals has made this field quite attractive for paralegals with a salary that certainly exceeds the average of $46,000 per year.

The future for paralegals may not be as bright as expected, but there will still be opportunities for those who excel in the technology field.


Are Teacher’s Benefits Over The Top? Medical, Dental, Or Retirement

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nurses pluralWith a starting salary of $45,000 and earning up to $100,000 per year plus pension, vacation time, and great health care sounds like being a teacher for the state of New York is a great ride. Being a teacher is a noble profession that’s sometimes thankless. That’s why many watched the 2012 Chicago teacher strike so closely. Teachers seem to get a lot of perks so why should they balk at having their salaries tied to student performance? It turns out there’s more to the story than just benefits.

What the Strike Was about

There was a lot of talk and demonizing about why teachers left 350,000 students in the lurch for over a week when they had such great paying jobs and benefits. But when you look at some of the details, it’s not hard to imagine why they would take to the streets after 25 years of relative peace:

  • Longer School Days – Mayor Rahm Emanuel proposed a longer school day but not a rise in salary. The teachers wanted a step increase over certain years as well as a raise during the first year of a new contract
  • Better Working Conditions – The cap of over 30 students per teacher is a cap that was always exceeded. There were also plans to close 100 schools, which would make the problem worse since some of the classrooms have no air conditioning.
  • Teacher Recalls – The teachers union wanted a way to recall teachers that had been laid off should new job opening arise so they could apply for new jobs or accept a 3-month severance.

In the end, the strike ended when both sides agreed on several points including having their pay raises partially tied to student performance, laid off teachers getting priority for new positions and pay raises.

Relevancy of Unions

Unions have been a part of American society for decades but many are wondering if they still have a place especially in a down economy where everyone has to face and deal with the same socioeconomic challenges. For public servants who are fighting for a cause that includes better working conditions and fair compensation, that kind of collective bargaining power can be a force for good.

But there are times when strong arm union tactics and blatant bullying for going against the grain get to be too much; the group think dynamic can be just as powerful when turned against its own.

The truth is somewhere in the middle because for teachers, it’s more than just about medical, dental and great vacation time. Many teachers go above and beyond for their students and deserve to have someone stand up for them when things get rough. The problem is that the message can get lost in the fist of the messenger and that’s where friction can make things worse.

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