Getting Lost In The World

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From hiking up to the Lost City of the Incas, to dancing the Hula in Hawaii, to mingling with jet setters in Dubai, there are lots of incredible ways to get lost in the world. Why not think out of the box as you plan your next vacation; no more run of the mill holidays for you. From swimming in the southern waters of Mosquito Bay to chartering a sail boat in Greece, we lay out a few other ‘less than common’ ways to spend your vacation time this year.

Lost City of the Incas

There’s a reason Peru’s Machu Picchu is one of the most visited sites in the world. Dating back to the mid 1400s, it’s a historical wonder that will have a huge impact on you once you see it; amazed at the incredible talents of the ancient architects that built it.

Positioned on a high plateau surrounded by mind blowing views, deep in the Amazon jungle, you really get a feel for Peru, its people and its rich history. You can take a train to Machu Picchu from Cusco, or if you’re up for a multi-day hike through the deep Andean gullies you’ll thoroughly enjoy the views along the way. If you’re a history buff or adventure enthusiast, you should plan a trip to Peru which is also home to the legendary Galapagos and its amazing wildlife.


What could be more exciting than going on a Greek holiday, especially if it’s spent on the wonderfully diverse island of Crete. The island is a varied combination of soaring mountains, sandy beaches, vast plains graced with palm tree forests, and vibrant contemporary cities sharing the breathtaking coastline with world renowned ancient ruins.

Somehow Crete has managed to combine modern niceties with the architectural styles of their ancestors; a unique combination of the Ottomans, Venetians and Minoans. Besides touring the historical landmarks, visitors come to Crete for the beaches, the charming villages that dot the coastline, the delicious cuisine and fun festivals that usually involve a traditional music, dance and outdoor barbecues.


Gorgeous beaches, awesome weather, intriguing culture and history; Maui, Hawaii has it all. While on the island you can explore the world’s largest dormant volcano (Haleakala), snorkel along with 5 different kinds of sea turtles, dance the hula and so much more! You can travel East Maui’s breathtaking coastline, enjoy the tastiest cuisine you’ve ever had, or go up country to explore the ancient tribal battlegrounds in visually stunning Iao Valley State Park.


Located between Asia and Europe; Dubai is a multi-dimensional destination blending together modern feats of incredible splendor with a rich and colorful history. Jet setters and everyday people alike who are looking for a one of a kind vacation experience are drawn to this flourishing metropolis, brimming with spectacular natural beauty and featuring over the top luxury with a multitude of amenities and activities that don’t exist anywhere else in the world.

You’ll be awed by Dubai’s ingenuity as you set your eyes on the Burj Khalifa, the planet’s tallest building or experience the Dubai Mall’s indoor ski resort, the first and biggest in the world. Add in incredible resort hotels like the iconic Water Discus Hotel and cosmopolitan nightlife and you have the ideal vacation destination if you’re looking for pure luxury and over the top fun.


Exotic Vacation: USA vs. Europe

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Let’s face it, it would be difficult to choose between a European or USA vacation because both have so much to offer, from one end of their regions to another.

Sure, if the hotel or transportation costs are factors, you’ll want to consider your budget, but if you’re yearning for a particular experience, take the time to plan it out and save first if you have to.

Whether you’re considering a United states vacation, visiting Miami’s iconic Key West or South Beach or New York’s Statue of Liberty, you won’t be disappointed. On the other hand, vacationing in Europe, just about anywhere in Europe, you can visit ancient historic sites that make the USA’s history look infantile.

First We’ll Look at European Travel Pros and Cons

Some say that American’s are drawn to Europe because most of our ancestors originated there. Most say their unwavering obsession with Europe comes down to the idea of romance it conjures up, sipping wine and enjoying delicious cheese along a charming Parisian alley in a cute cafe, strolling through the Louvre; you get the picture.

In spite of rising airfare’s and high exchange rates were still drawn to Europe and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. History lovers are big fans of Europe as well – after all – Europe is home roman ruins, why wouldn’t they want to go? Art lovers can see works of art by world famous artists. True, it’s usually more expensive to travel Europe than to vacation in the United States, but with a little research and planning, you can vacation in Europe on a budget.

USA Travel Pros and Cons

The United States is a large and very diverse nation where visitors have access to countless miles of beaches, countless unique National Parks, trendy urban cities and massive metropolitan centers.

There’s San Francisco, California and the Golden Gate Bridge, Miami, Florida and the popular Ft. Lauderdale swap shop and endless miles of pristine beaches, Seattle and the Space Needle and Ho Rainforest. Let’s not forget New Orleans and the Mardi Gras, Los Angeles and Latino music; the list goes on and on.

Vacationing in the United States does have its drawbacks, including the length of time it takes to travel one from one city to another, driving or flying. Another factor is the weather which ranges from hot and arid to hot and humid, to snow and ice.

Similar to Europe, travel and accommodations can be expensive, but with planning, staying outside of the bigger cities and looking for airfare – accommodation promotions, you can easily travel on a budget.

Both the USA and Europe have a lot to offer, even if you’re traveling with children, although the United State seems to have the highest percentage of amusement parks in just about every state. That being said you’d be surprised at how many amusement parks Europe is home to today, including Walk Disney Studio Park in France, Legoland in the UK and Gardaland Resort in Italy.

In Europe some of the most family friendly destinations are Scotland’s St. Andrews, the Dolomites in Italy and the German Bavarian Alps. Kid friendly USA destinations include just about anywhere in California and Orlando, Florida.