Should People Have Large Families in Today’s World?

People wonder today if it’s a good time to have a large family. The world is a confusing place, perhaps now more than ever, but there are surprising benefits to having a large and happy family.

Large Families Can Be Fun

When you’re part of a large family, you can have a good time together. You’ll always have siblings that you get along with best, but all of you can enjoy each other’s company. Read more about babies and their families here.

In large families, meals are full of entertaining, lively conversation. You’ll rarely experience a dull moment. Although, honestly, you may wish for one now and then.

Handling Lots of Children

It is often said that it’s difficult to handle more children, but it depends on what age they are. Not all your children will be in diapers at the same time, and the older children can help you with the younger ones. Older siblings are calming influences if your youngest ones have nightmares.

Many hands tend to make lighter work of chores. You’ll have lots of helpers as your children grow. Not all children will be enthusiastic about helping, but you’ll be surprised at how many will be perfectly willing to help. They will take on more responsibility as they grow.

Families and Expenses

Many couples use the reasoning that they can’t afford a big family. Some of the expenses can be eliminated if you pass down clothing and toys. Children share many things with you, too, from bath water to household air conditioning and heating. Siblings often entertain each other, too, and you can get discounts for siblings at theme parks and other fun spots.

Children and Health

There are unexpected bonuses of having a large family. Siblings share germs when they are young, and that primes their immune systems. It provides them with some protection against conditions like eczema and hay fever. According to researchers quoted in The Telegraph UK, growing up with siblings also guards against some types of cancer and some food allergies. For some unknown reason, these immunities do not apply to children who spend time with others in day care, but only to siblings.

Other modern childhood “epidemics” like depression and obesity may be reduced by exposure to more siblings. They like to keep up with each other, and that may be why major studies have found that children with more siblings are thinner. They help each other burn off fat. With each sibling, a child will, on average, be nearly 15% less obese. Surprised? Read more facts in Redbook Magazine online.

Siblings Help Each Other

Regardless of the family background, children who have more siblings seem to have better overall mental health. This is a generalization, of course, but if you and your spouse divorce, or a parent dies, siblings can help each other to pick up the pieces and move on. Siblings are linked throughout life, not just when they are young.

Reports from scholars like King’s College, London research Professor Judy Dunn chip away at the old adage that the sizes of families are consequence free decisions. Children with siblings have been shown to have keener emotions and stronger “soft skills” than their single children counterparts. They will be more patient at waiting, and will hit milestones including talking and walking more quickly than children without stimulation by siblings.

Should People Have Large Families in Today’s World? Credit Picture License: HereIsTom via photopin cc