EngineersIf you are interested in engineering there are so many choices of specialties which you can go into including chemical engineering and mechanical engineering. Whichever type of engineering you decide to pursue there are similarities between all engineering careers. For example you will need to have excellent problem solving skills, technical aptitude, and strong maths and science skills and be a top class communicator.

Engineers can be involved in the design, production, development, and maintenance and testing of products. As an engineer you will need technical competence in using computers, machinery and specialised tools. To work as an engineer you will require a Bachelor’s degree in engineering which can take between two and four years to complete. There are 1830 programs available in America which are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Most courses offer you the opportunity to specialise which is important if you are hoping to follow a particular career path. Careers are available in manufacturing, technology, scientific and professional fields which provides graduates with plenty of opportunity to build up experience and expertise once qualified. Post graduate courses are also available.

When searching which school to study at it is important to identify which schools are at the top of the ranking table. Top chemical engineering schools can provide you with quality education due to the excellent facilities they offer. As a chemical engineer you may become involved in research, so when choosing which course to study it is worth looking at their research history and interests to see if it resonates with your own interests. Chemical engineers may be involved in medical research, product development and disposal of hazardous substances. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has gained a fantastic reputation for their chemical engineering courses.

Alternatively you may consider mechanical engineering. As a mechanical engineer you will be trained in both scientific and technical subjects. Once qualified there are many career choices available from material science and structure through to robotics and weapons production. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is again rated as one of the top universities to offer this program, this is due to the flexibility of the program offered and range of specialisms students can diversify into.

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