How To Make The Perfect Bowl Of Rice

Rice feeds the world. It has been a staple of human consumption and existence for thousands of years. From primitive rice cooking involving bamboo and open flames to the packaged varieties made enormously popular during the late twentieth century, to the vaunted boiling pot of  water method, you would be coerced into believing there are as many varieties of rice as there are ways to cook it.

Despite the many varieties and methods of cooking rice that have been utilized over the course of time, it is baffling how such a multicultural and bountiful grain is considered by many to only possess two dubious qualities, white and clumpy. The perfect bowl of rice is out there, and this is not the time to assign blame for rice that was undercooked, overcooked, or something in between likened to slurry in past attempts.

So let’s assume you are only cooking for one, as this is just ONE bowl of rice. At the risk of sounding selfish,  if it is just for you, it should be perfect. To start with, at least. Chances are you have shared enough clumpy and dry rice with others in the past to last a lifetime. The perfect bowl of rice starts with consistency; so after you have experienced it for yourself people won’t think you are crazy the next time you do invite others over for dinner.

To be considered the perfect, make sure you give your rice a good rinse prior to placing it in the rice cooker. You do not risk losing any nutrients, however, rinsing will provide a plumper and fluffier grain for your taste buds and an easier to digest product for your stomach.

The technology has finally caught up with the popularity of rice by way of the rice cooker. These appliances no longer have to be designated back to a kitchen cupboard or cabinet after use because of their cumbersome size; today’s rice cookers are sleek and small, as well as versatile enough to cook one bowl of rice up to ten bowls. Rice cookers always come with instruction, although the ease with which they are operated will have you asking if the manual is nothing other than a waste of paper. So whether your rice is white or wild, basmati or brown, there is a rice cooker available to consistently create the elusive perfect bowl of rice.

How To Make The Perfect Bowl Of Rice Credit Picture License: mojosaurus via photopin cc
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